Ghost Town – The Whiterock Incident – Part-3: Ghost Town Labs (e-Kitap)

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Leif J. Erickson

Leif J. Erickson

Leif J. Erickson is a science fiction and fantasy author from a small farming community in west central Minnesota. Using his time wisely when he was a farmer, Leif developed many ideas, characters, and storylines to create over fifty unique first drafts and outlines for stories. From his start in a small town school, to college at North Dakota State University, back to his family farm, then to the bright lights of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and back to his small farming town, Leif has always had a love of writing.

When Leif isn’t writing he can be found with his wife hiking in state parks, canoeing local lakes and rivers, exploring local and regional ghost towns, experiencing museums, or simply reading or hanging out with friends and family. Leif draws on the local nature and ecology to find inspiration for his writing while he also asks what’s possible for technology and the human race, weaving them together for amazing stories that will stay with the reader for years to come. Leif looks forward to having many novel and story releases in the years to come.

The remaining RAW Troops, Ethan Drew with Michelle Tesla, and Madison Tesla enter the laboratory underneath Whiterock where they discover just how far Doctor Victor Tesla will go to get his revenge.

As the village of Whiterock lies in ruins from the ghosts, the remaining fighters enter the underground laboratory complex to try and stop the mad doctor. In the lab they discover that Ghost Town Labs has much bigger plans than any of them could ever imagine. In searching for Doctor Victor Tesla, the groups find how much power the doctor had. Can they stop Dr. Tesla before he unleashes his ghosts on the unsuspecting world?

With the first part of their mission a failure, the remaining RAW Troops are given the instructions to descend into the lab to try and apprehend Dr. Tesla. The team enters and encounters many strange things, some even stranger than the ghosts. The troops realize that they may have to take a different path if they want to save the world from Victor’s madness.

Ethan, Michelle, and Madison enter together but are instantly separated. Madison is shown just how powerful the mind control is while she begins to understand who she really is. Madison sees the destruction and damage that Ghost Town Labs has caused and she swears that she will not rest until she has killed Doctor Victor Tesla.

Ethan and Michelle try to look for Madison but they are intercepted by a strange pair who work for Ghost Town Labs but hold other allegiances. Michelle only wants her life back as she follows Ethan who’s delving deeper into the mystery of Ghost Town Labs.

Doctor Victor Tesla believes that he has seen all he needs to see to be ready to launch his Genesis Event. Dr. Tesla gives the orders that the Genesis Event is to begin at daybreak. Can anyone get to Dr. Tesla and Ghost Town Labs before they unleash ghosts upon the unsuspecting world?


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