Hidden Trails (e-Kitap)

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Leif J. Erickson

Leif J. Erickson

Leif J. Erickson is a science fiction and fantasy author from a small farming community in west central Minnesota. Using his time wisely when he was a farmer, Leif developed many ideas, characters, and storylines to create over fifty unique first drafts and outlines for stories. From his start in a small town school, to college at North Dakota State University, back to his family farm, then to the bright lights of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and back to his small farming town, Leif has always had a love of writing.

When Leif isn’t writing he can be found with his wife hiking in state parks, canoeing local lakes and rivers, exploring local and regional ghost towns, experiencing museums, or simply reading or hanging out with friends and family. Leif draws on the local nature and ecology to find inspiration for his writing while he also asks what’s possible for technology and the human race, weaving them together for amazing stories that will stay with the reader for years to come. Leif looks forward to having many novel and story releases in the years to come.

On the verge of graduation, a group of college friends learn the location of the rumored hidden trails in a State Park and when they set out to hike the hidden trails, one by one, they learn that some things that are hidden were never meant to be found.

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with graduating college; finals, term papers, and the ever dreaded job hunting, the last thing anyone has time for is one last college adventure. When a group of friends discover the location of hidden trails at the State Park they often hike at, the boys decided to hike the trails and the girls will stay behind. After days with no contact then a strange late-night phone call, the girls go into the forest to try and find their friends. As they get deeper into the forest, the girls learn, one by one, that some things that are hidden were never meant to be found.

Mike and Jennifer are on the verge of graduating college and just weeks away from their wedding. With all the wedding planning and college finals they hardly have time for each other let alone anything else. When one of their friends discovers the locations of the rumored hidden trails at the State Park where they hike, Mike is too tempted to stay away.

Mike and his three friends set out for a weekend bachelor party of hiking the hidden trails while Jennifer and her girlfriends stay back at campus to finish schoolwork and prepare for the wedding. When no phone calls go answered and the boys don’t return to campus, Jennifer and her friends start to make plans to enter the forest as a search party. When a cryptic, late-night phone call comes to Jennifer’s phone, with Mike’s voice sounding like he’s in pain, Jennifer and the girls take off for the park right away.

As the girls get to the park and start out on their journey, Jennifer’s only concern is finding Mike but her love for him and her mind thinking about what could have happened begins affecting her judgment. Savannah, the athlete and military raised girl of the group, takes over the search and rescue effort, causing friction between herself and the other girls. As all the girls fret over their futures and how nothing is certain or easy, they find themselves deeper in the forest, lost themselves, with only vague, unhelpful clues as to where the guys are.

In the depths of the forest, along the hidden trails, the girls find an abandoned city with a strange orphan girl living there. After her parents died the teenager ran away to the city and began work to fix up some of the buildings. She agrees to help Jennifer and her friends find the guys but as they begin the search, the girls realize that something far more sinister is being hidden in the forest. One by one, the girls discover what happened to the guys, and learn that some things that are hidden are never meant to be found.


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