The Story of a Sun Village (e-kitap)

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Icinde Ne Var


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Cosmo Publishing – USA





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Çetin Göksu

Çetin Göksu was born in Antakya in 1943. He graduated from Çoruh Primary School and Artvin High School in Artvin, studied at Yıldız Technical University where he received a diploma in architecture, a PhD Diploma in urbanism for the Paris Sorbonne University. Göksu is one of the founders of Karadeniz Technical University Department of Architecture and since 1980 has been a METU Faculty Member. Göksu has published a large number of scientific articles, essays, and academic works on subjects including the sun, culture, and ecological planning.

Güneş, Gök, Doğa, Su and Ay, a group of five young graduates fresh out of university, who have reunited in their out-of-the-way Anatolian village high in the Caucuses, set out on an adventure that will change not only their lives but that of their rural community, for ever.

On a journey that takes them into the remote forests and mountains above their quiet Anatolian home, they confront many challenges and quite a few scary moments before finally arriving at the Mysterious Garden of the Sun.

While there, they meet some extraordinary characters who teach them about all about a lost civilisation that enables people to live in harmony with nature and the ancient Anatolian philosophy of the sun… a way of life that their country has virtually forgotten…


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