Ghost Town – The Whiterock Incident – Part-2: RAW Troops (e-Kitap)

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Leif J. Erickson

Leif J. Erickson

Leif J. Erickson is a science fiction and fantasy author from a small farming community in west central Minnesota. Using his time wisely when he was a farmer, Leif developed many ideas, characters, and storylines to create over fifty unique first drafts and outlines for stories. From his start in a small town school, to college at North Dakota State University, back to his family farm, then to the bright lights of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and back to his small farming town, Leif has always had a love of writing.

When Leif isn’t writing he can be found with his wife hiking in state parks, canoeing local lakes and rivers, exploring local and regional ghost towns, experiencing museums, or simply reading or hanging out with friends and family. Leif draws on the local nature and ecology to find inspiration for his writing while he also asks what’s possible for technology and the human race, weaving them together for amazing stories that will stay with the reader for years to come. Leif looks forward to having many novel and story releases in the years to come.

When an elite team of specialized troops are dispatched to Whiterock South Dakota to learn the truth about Doctor Victor Tesla’s experiments and Ethan Drew’s journal, will they stop the madness or simply become the next victims of Ghost Town Labs?

Remote Alert Warriors, or RAW Troops, have been trained to deal with any type of hot zone combat so when they are dispatched to the small farming village of Whiterock South Dakota, all the troops believe that it will be a walk in the park. As the troop arrives and is split up to investigate different areas in and around the town, they learn the truth about the devastation and destruction that took place in the sleepy hamlet just days earlier. Uninformed about what they would be dealing with, will the RAW Troops stop Doctor Victor Tesla or will they be the next victims of Ghost Town Labs?

Just days after Ethan Drew left his journal on the altar of New Church in the forests around Whiterock South Dakota, an elite team of military troops known as Remote Alert Warriors or RAW Troops, are brought in with orders to contain the Whiterock Incident, destroy any threats, discover the full extent of Ghost Town Lab’s work, and bring Doctor Victor Tesla to justice. An easy mission except the village and lands of Whiterock are crawling with ghosts.

The teams are positioned strategically around Whiterock and the surrounding lands while they wait for the signal to enter the underground laboratory of Doctor Victor Tesla and Ghost Town Labs. Each team has a unique mission, one guarding the entrance to the Old Town Road, another in the town of Whiterock itself, the third, men hiking through the forest, trying to get to Blackstone Hollow, the fourth, a pair stationed in the spire of New Church, the fifth, a group boating down the rivers of the forest, and the final group stationed in the Tesla Farmyard.

As the teams take their positions they quickly discover that even with all their training, they were not prepared for what they were going to see around Whiterock. The lead commander of the RAW Troops didn’t inform the troops about what they were going to fight in Whiterock which causes the troops to be at a severe disadvantage. The RAW Troops discover that not all is as it seems, not just in Whiterock but in the order of their troops as well when members of Ghost Town Labs are discovered among them.

With many troops killed and the remaining undersupplied and uninformed, the teams rendezvous at the Tesla Farmyard waiting for the order to enter the laboratory. As they wait they exchange stories of the horrors that they saw around the area. When the communication comes that backup will not be sent in, the RAW Troops are left to fend for themselves as they prepare to enter the lab. Can the troops find Doctor Victor Tesla and stop him before he unleashes his madness upon the world or will the RAW Troops simple be the next in a long line of victims of Ghost Town Labs?


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